Making an open source self-hostable chat (part 0)

I recently set up my own NodeBB instance, and I must say, I really like the idea of self-hostable software. I also recently made a new based chat called chat2 (I'm working on the name) with major inspiration taken from Discord

Screenshot of the chat2 interface

Once I added features like an admin login, I thought to myself,

this would be really cool if it was an open source self-hostable customizable based chat

and so, I began with my quest to make an open source self-hostable customizable based chat.

The first hurdle I am going to face with this project is to clean up the code before open sourcing it. I am not exactly one to write elegant code, and that's something I really hope to get better at, I think if I follow through with this project, I'll be able to reach that goal.

Once that's done I'll be able to move on to making it configurable and easy to host it yourself.

Over the next few months I will use this blog to document my experience with this project and hopefully in a few months, I will have something cool that, maybe people will even want to host themselves.