The Great Domain Name Dilemma

I have another domain name. and it's I think it's a pretty cool domain name and I have many ideas of things I can do with it. When I set it up, to ensure everything was working I quickly set it up to redirect to a very good song at first I thought this was funny and rickrolled a few people using the link.

A few weeks (or has it been months?) later, and I saw this comment on Scratch. is a very useful site of info regarding how you can make and save money.

aaaand... this one

Never *accidentally goes to*

which, leads me to believe that people are visiting and sharing my site. It's pretty crazy to think how far it's gone.

But the plan was not to have a rickroll there! It was just a test and now I feel like if I make a real site I'll break some rickrolls (which is something I do not want to do).

so, thats it.

that's my domain dilemma.