Uploading images to the Scratch Forums using... Scratch

This post is out of date. Scratch Image Uploader is now part of Scratch Addons as "Forum Image Uploader". Scratch Image Uploader will probably be pulled from the Chrome Webstore soon.

Currently, using images in the Scratch forums is a hassle that no one likes. Recently, Cubeupload seems to be going down a lot, and the Wikimedia open redirect was patched.

However, I have a solution for you! Using a Chrome Extension, you can now upload images to Scratch right from a new forum post!

How does it work?

This uses a simple process to upload images.

  • the user pastes in an image or selects one to be uploaded

  • a project is created

  • the title is set to avoid confusion

  • the thumbnail is set to the selected image

  • the project is deleted

  • the correct bbcode is inserted into the forum post

this way, you don't need to worry about the image host being down or having to open another site to upload an image.

this is all done pretty quickly so it's a fairly seamless process.

download it from the chrome webstore

view on github