Current Post Count as a Scratch Forum Signature

inspired by herohamp on scratch

The Scrach Forums are a very cool place to be. I saw a post that asked if it was possible to use the API in your signature. I gave a vague answer that caused confusion. (I'm very good at confusion).

For this, I decided to have it display my total post count. For that, I had to use an API made by DatOneLefty.

I wrote a quick script that takes a username URL query, puts it into the API and then returns the post count in a JSON format for I chose shields because it's pretty cool looking and customizable. I probably could make my own thing like that but that's just extra effort. (/s)

What I ended up with was this API, that works in like this.

To use it in Scratch we can abuse an open redirect in wikimedia(?) which is an allowed image host on the Scratch forums. Once that is done, we can put it in our signature and be very cool. 😎