The Forum Helpers Thumbnail Gallery

Last updated: August 14, 2021

The Forum Helpers Scratch studio is in search of a new thumbnail to replace the old one.

Please have a look through the thumbnail gallery and leave a vote using the number belonging to a thumbnail in the forum helper studio.

Note that changes to the thumbnail entries still can be made, and this more like a vote about the style you enjoy the most.

Let me know if you would like your thumbnail added to the gallery.

In no particular order:


  1. Made by Jeffalo

  2. Made by Jeffalo

  3. Made by Jeffalo


  1. Made by LegoManiac04

  2. Made by LegoManiac04

  3. Made by LegoManiac04

  4. Made by LegoManiac04


  1. Made by BarelySmooth
  1. Made by BarelySmooth


  1. Made by potatophant

  2. Made by potatophant

  3. Made by potatophant

  4. Made by potatophant

  5. Made by potatophant

  6. Made by potatophant

  7. Made by potatophant


  1. Made by Kitt-Draw

  2. Made by Kitt-Draw

  3. Made by Kitt-Draw

  4. Made by Kitt-Draw


  1. Made by pavcato

  2. Made by pavcato

  3. Made by pavcato


  1. Made by 9gr


  1. Made by InsanityGames-

  2. Made by InsanityGames-

  3. Made by InsanityGames-

  4. Made by InsanityGames-

  5. Made by InsanityGames-

  6. Made by InsanityGames-

  7. Made by InsanityGames-


  1. Made by nt149